Amritpal Sandhu

Gravitoids - Beat Gravity

Tap the screen and lead the ball to the hole. Test you gravity skills in more than 25 challenging levels.

By Amritpal Sandhu | Added June 30, 2015

Communities - Because the community matters

Communities is a brand new social network which emphasizes social connections based on interests.You can join groups (communities)...

By Amritpal Sandhu | Added March 4, 2015

iHackU: Feel the hacker in you

PLEASE READ TO AVOID ANY CONFUSION: "iHackU" DOES NOT ACTUALLY HACK OTHER DEVICES. It's just a game.It's an app which detects other...

By Amritpal Sandhu | Added November 5, 2014

Squares - Don't trust your eyes

You really shouldnt trust your eyesand Squares proves it. And make sure to turn the volume up!!Squares is a game where you guide a...

By Amritpal Sandhu | Added October 9, 2014

7x7 - Tap and match

Tap, tap, tap, tap.......(134 taps later).......tap, tap, tap and...DONE!!Tapping circles is the main goal of 7x7. Keep tapping them...

By Amritpal Sandhu | Added September 29, 2014

Sketch the Image

"Sketch the Image" is a very easy to use app which allows you to sketch on existing images and share the outcome to whomever you want!!Just...

By Amritpal Sandhu | Added March 30, 2014


Ever wanted to visualise your reminders?Or even visualise the location of your reminders?RemindU answers both questionsand more. With...

By Amritpal Sandhu | Added December 19, 2013