Fringe Rise

Fringe is lost and needs your help to rise to the top. Help Fringe get to the top by touching and moving your way through obstacles.

May 2, 2016 By Nanovation


Are you ready to light a way through this immense stiff circuit?The assumption is far ahead different than the reality when it comes...

April 25, 2016 By Nanovation


Fly fast and avoid the obstacles in this fun and extreme endless game!Got the moves like Yeager? Prove it in Hexavoid!!You have been...

April 5, 2016 By Nanovation

Plummet Dash

Simply TAP to stay in the air and then try to make it through the gap. Collect coins and un-lock characters.FEATURES: One Tap Gameplay...

March 22, 2016 By Nanovation


*The Sequel to the TOP 10 US Smash Circulate*Curvulate - Take it for a spin!Simply TAP to reach each GOAL - you just need to TAP at...

March 15, 2016 By Nanovation