Grant Christie

Wots The Indo Verb Lite

It is an amazing foreign language learning WORD GAME for testing your knowledge about the Indonesian - English Verbs! Each level features...

By Grant Christie | Added September 30, 2014


Ayo belajar bahasa bersama-sama gratis. Free to download. No Ads.Are you Indonesian studying English? Or are you studying Bahasa Indonesia?...

By Grant Christie | Added September 4, 2014

Freaking Indo Family Lite

Get ready to un-rust your brain as you try to decide as fast as you can if the Indonesian and English words on your screen match. Use...

By Grant Christie | Added September 1, 2014

Freaking Indo Family

Belajar bahasa. Learn Indonesian. Or if you are Indonesian, then learn English. An extremely addictive game, in which you decide under...

By Grant Christie | Added September 1, 2014

Learn Indonesian Word Search

New free games have been added! Game ini bagus untuk membantu orang Indonesia Belajar mengeja! Indonesian Word Search is an easy to...

By Grant Christie | Added June 27, 2014


This game provides an attractive flash card interface and a unique spelling activity to teach Indonesian or English

By Grant Christie | Added February 27, 2014