kory foster

Santa Extreme Ride Collect Lose Gifts

The best sledge racing game of Christmas Style for kids!!!Its the night before christmas and Santa Claus needs your help.Santa in trouble,his...

December 24, 2019 By kory foster

Death Click - Stickman Edition

Enjoy our two new click death levels!Kill all the stickman in the bowling alley using the wrath of your finger! Just don't let them...

July 27, 2014 By kory foster

Click Death Beach - Stickman Edition

Ah, a nice day at the beach.. TO DIE! Crabs crawling around, the sun blaring down on the unsuspecting sticks... the scene is perfect...

July 25, 2014 By kory foster

Death Park - Stickman Edition

Welcome to your end stick dudes! Become god for a short while and make things happen in the tranquil little park to cause all the unsuspecting...

July 4, 2014 By kory foster

Extreme Bike - Stickman Edition

Ride as Stickman on a bike and try to do all kinds of tricks to score points to win the championship. Enjoy!

June 27, 2014 By kory foster

Slide Killing - Stickman Edition

Assassins are on their way to destroy you, terminate each and everyone of them!Watch out, they'll come from every angle, equipped with...

June 7, 2014 By kory foster

Fast Kill King

Kill all enemies as fast as you can and prove you are the fast kill king! Good luck!

April 29, 2014 By kory foster