chuck jerian

Bubble Pop Colors

Learn colors while having fun popping bubbles. Touch the bubble to pop. Learn the colors including red, green, blue, yellow, pink,...

August 6, 2015 By chuck jerian

Math Target Shooting

Every student needs to learn arithmetic, but it can be boring, this game makes it easy and fun to learn. This game is based on children's...

July 23, 2015 By chuck jerian

2048 Farmer in the Dell

This is the classic game 2048 with music pictures and sounds related to the farmer in the dell nursery rhyme.Match pictures with one...

July 1, 2015 By chuck jerian

Rhyming Words Target Shooting

In this game you try to shoot at balloons, flipping plates, model airplanes, and spinning plates, by positioning the sight over the...

May 3, 2015 By chuck jerian

Ninja Fight Ghosts

Fight with ghosts, slice them with your finger, watch out and do not attack the blue nosed ghost or the game ends, get an extra 100...

March 6, 2014 By chuck jerian

Squirrel Letters Numbers and Shapes

Guide the flying squirrel to find the correct letter, number or shape. Avoid the optional snakes and hawks for a harder game.

February 28, 2014 By chuck jerian