Mikhail Trishin

Boom Cars

Be brave dashing driver in this Survival Road Race Boom Cars Game!Keep your eyes at the road and hit small cars ahead of you to avoid...

By Mikhail Trishin | Added April 17, 2015

Toddler Prize Claw Machine

Try to collect all coins when your teddy bear fall from claw in the Prize Claw Machine.Use all support tools and don't pass away from...

By Mikhail Trishin | Added March 19, 2015

Winding Road Race

Easy to play game with one tap control.Enjoy your hard driving Winding Road Race and keep your car on the winding road as long as you...

By Mikhail Trishin | Added March 19, 2015

Cross Road Runner

Try to cross the road as far as you can and get the high score!Be aware of cars and collect your points in the Free Cross Road Runner...

By Mikhail Trishin | Added February 28, 2015

Tattoo Slot

Play for free in Tattoo Slots - Multi-line Video Slot Machine Game.Visit a different virtual rooms with Tattoo Design Pictures and...

By Mikhail Trishin | Added December 30, 2014


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By Mikhail Trishin | Added March 12, 2012