Nicholas Ingulfsen

CleanHands - The Game

Learn how to save lives! Hand hygiene is the single most important measure for preventing hospital-acquired infections. But when does...

By Nicholas Ingulfsen | Added April 2, 2016

Trace Soccer

Trace Soccer is an easy-to-learn, but still very entertaining strategy board game for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that you can...

By Nicholas Ingulfsen | Added August 15, 2015

TicTacToe Multiplayer Edition

Get 3 in a line and win the game! Play this all time classic on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad against your device or against a friend...

By Nicholas Ingulfsen | Added December 19, 2014

Crank Out

Don't let the eggs fall down! Bring all the eggs safely from one assembly belt to the next one to make sure that they get cleaned,...

By Nicholas Ingulfsen | Added December 12, 2014


CREVASION is a terribly addicting and entertaining highscore game with insanely easy controls. Tap to jump and avoid crashing in the...

By Nicholas Ingulfsen | Added November 18, 2014

Wanted - Find the smallest

Search the smallest one amongst an increasing number of bubbles before the time is up & beat the highscore!App of the day on

By Nicholas Ingulfsen | Added October 28, 2014

Quench - Solve the Enigma

Turn all the fields blue, clear the level and go on to the next - solve the enigma! But its not as simple as it sounds! Be smart and...

By Nicholas Ingulfsen | Added September 29, 2014