Japanese Kana-Dojo for Kids

It is an application to learn which base the Japanese, "hiragana" and "katakana". Kendo is the best way, If you learn the hiragana...

By HIKARI NAKASHIMA | Added June 12, 2016

Master Korean game Hangul punch

I want to follow the Korean star's tweets!But , I can not understand ..Hangul characters .I can not read completely ...For such myself,...

By HIKARI NAKASHIMA | Added June 11, 2016

Multiplication Quest Beginners

By defeating the enemy with a sword, this is a game app that can be used to learn the multiplication. From among the three answers,...

By HIKARI NAKASHIMA | Added May 3, 2016

[Free]National Flag Invader

This is the learning App for national flag!This is the game that connect Flag and Country name.And this App is for beginner of learning...

By HIKARI NAKASHIMA | Added February 14, 2016


This is the Calculator App that has the shooting game!I united calculator to the shooting game!This App makes your calculation fun!Please...

By HIKARI NAKASHIMA | Added February 9, 2016

Learn words! Connect Japanese

The puzzle game, you can learn 2800 more words of Japanese in short time.It's simple puzzle game.The more you play, you will learn...

By HIKARI NAKASHIMA | Added December 4, 2015

Dr.Chemical's symbol training

This is the Learning Chemical symbol App!I recommend for beginners! Because it is simple quiz style app.If you are interested in this...

By HIKARI NAKASHIMA | Added August 24, 2015

? Kids

!332010 #K21149

By HIKARI NAKASHIMA | Added July 5, 2015

Number Puzzle!Hopping John Kids

The sequence of numbers is basic to mathematics.This is the puzzle game to learn sequence of numbers with having fun.The game has a...

By HIKARI NAKASHIMA | Added July 1, 2015

Noppon Kanji

This is the Kanji quiz app.You can learn about Japanese Kanji!Please enjoy![How to play]Please support the tourists, answer a their...

By HIKARI NAKASHIMA | Added June 23, 2015