Louis Gendreau

Run, Don't Touch the Spikes to Earn to Die!

How far can you run and make it in the deadly tower? Help the poor lad trying to escape certain death! Infinite number of levels, even...

By Louis Gendreau | Added June 22, 2016

The Circular Pong Game

Catch and bounce the ever faster SpeedBall!* Over 99 levels!* Ball gets faster with every bounce!So keep the ball moving! Can you catch...

By Louis Gendreau | Added February 4, 2016

Round Pong using Flappy Balls of Golf

Spin your paddles and bounce your ball into those bricks! Match the ball color to bricks to earn bonus points! Use the flashing red...

By Louis Gendreau | Added December 9, 2015

Traffic Clash of Criminal Racing Rival Clans

Choose your super car and become the top Traffic Racer in the country. You must go as fast as you can and avoid all other cars. You...

By Louis Gendreau | Added November 1, 2014

Zombie Road Run The Free Racing Game

You are a DIFFERENT zombie. You are the only one of zombiekind that runs! Will you be able to avoid all the obstacles?

By Louis Gendreau | Added December 19, 2013

Teacher Eraser War Free Game

Are you good enough to snipe the teacher with your erasers? Download this free game now to see. But be careful that you don't get...

By Louis Gendreau | Added December 19, 2013

Attack The Ninjas -Defense Free Game

Alert! Ninja invasion! You must defend your stronghold at all cost! You will have to be agile, fast and witty against these highly...

By Louis Gendreau | Added December 19, 2013

Stunt Car Racing Free Game

Take your stunt car around the course at breakneck speeds! Download this free game now and see if you are good enough to avoid all...

By Louis Gendreau | Added December 17, 2013

Super Candy Maker the Free Kids Game

A deliciously sweet candy matching game. Group the tasty treats to clear the board and win big points. A puzzle has never been this...

By Louis Gendreau | Added July 31, 2013