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C.M.M Application is: Contact Maintenance Manager.C.M.M Application is: Integrated Management for Solution Contacts Problems.by C.M.M...

June 18, 2016 By Fateh Al-Waqidi

Gallery Naming

iGallery Appnow You have Photo Cataloger for Naming your image gallery.in this App:you can View Imageyou can Rename (set custom image...

September 13, 2015 By Fateh Al-Waqidi

Yemen Telephone

2015---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- (14,100,000) ----------------------------------- 733,734,735,736,737-...

January 28, 2015 By Fateh Al-Waqidi

Contact Protection

finally we find the solution for nosy i personally hate when someone have a look at my contacts or dial a number using my phone to...

November 13, 2014 By Fateh Al-Waqidi


iDate Manager: for the Date converter between Gregorian, Islamic,Persian,Japanese,Indian,Buddhist and Hebrew with history

October 30, 2014 By Fateh Al-Waqidi

iGallery Protection

now You have Photo Protection for Block your image gallery.this App can be strong Protection to your images. also unlock when you want.this...

October 8, 2014 By Fateh Al-Waqidi

Backup of Contacts

Create iPhone contacts backup.send the contacts Backup to e.mailRestore contacts without duplicate also without delete the Recent...

July 21, 2013 By Fateh Al-Waqidi