Anthony Tietjen

Calorie Counter Weekly

Easily track your calorie intake each week. Simple and easy-to-use interface. When ready to start the week over, just tap the button...

By Anthony Tietjen | Added September 14, 2017

Hacker News 100 - NativeScript

News reader for top 100 stories pulled from Hacker News (news. web feed. Made using NativeScript.

By Anthony Tietjen | Added May 30, 2017

Cost Per Square Foot Calculator

Excellent tool for determining the cost per square foot of a house or a building. Great for real estate.Simple and intuitive. Ad f...

By Anthony Tietjen | Added June 21, 2016

Sensory Sand

[WARNING: This works best on iPhone 5C and later and iPad 4 and later. Please do not purchase for any device older than the iPhone...

By Anthony Tietjen | Added March 3, 2016

Cost Per Square Metre Calculator

Use this app for a fast, simple and easy way to calculate the cost per square metre of a house or building.The cost an sq metre numbers...

By Anthony Tietjen | Added February 3, 2016

App Vendor

App Vendor is an app for connecting app developers (who would like to sell the ownership and source code of their apps) with investors...

By Anthony Tietjen | Added November 26, 2015

Flag Capture Extreme (Four Players)

Gather together with your friends and family and play capture the flag on your iPad!Grab the opponents flag, break through brick walls,...

By Anthony Tietjen | Added February 24, 2015

Lightning List

Quickly create checklists with sub lists that can go multiple levels deep.To add icons to your lists, make sure to enable the Emoji...

By Anthony Tietjen | Added December 3, 2014

Wood Block Pinball

Pinball meets wooden blocks! See how many points you can get. The more blocks you hit, the more points you get! Don't let the ball...

By Anthony Tietjen | Added November 5, 2014

Lightning List Lite

WARNING: This the ad supported Lite version. If you decide to purchase the full version, you will have to manually copy over all of...

By Anthony Tietjen | Added July 18, 2014

Brick Juggle

Tap the bricks to keep juggling them. Don't let one fall or it will break the glass! See how long you can keep them all in the air...

By Anthony Tietjen | Added June 7, 2014

Moon Tug

This is a two player tug of war game.Pull the moon to your planet by tapping the purple buttons on your planet.Disable the other player's...

By Anthony Tietjen | Added August 8, 2013

Cost Per Ounce Calculator

Great tool for price comparison shoppers!Now you can easily check if that coupon will really get you a good deal. Use this app to calculate...

By Anthony Tietjen | Added July 16, 2012