Adagio Music - Keys Of Tranquility

Adagio Music is a "play-along-music-game" presenting the French goth-symphonic-metal band Adagio.The player has a "magic bone flute"...

By Hendrix000007 | Added June 13, 2016


FerrQuiz er et kunnskapsspill som tar for seg Ferro-Bet as sine produkter. Du vil fort hyne din produktkunnskap og samtidig ha muligheten...

By Hendrix000007 | Added June 30, 2015


[NO]Spillet fungerer som en enarmet banditt men har med norske kjente politikere. F tre politikere p rad og politikeren snakker til...

By Hendrix000007 | Added November 13, 2014

White Flakes

White Flakes is a christmas-app that gets you in the right xmas mood. With different christmas melody in a classical music box style....

By Hendrix000007 | Added January 8, 2014


Memory Matching game, flip buttons and remember the ones that makes a pair. Sound and image makes a pair in some of the levels too!Be...

By Hendrix000007 | Added January 5, 2014

Fear Cam

Fear Cam first let you take a picture and then tweaks the image and take you on a fearful trip

By Hendrix000007 | Added December 30, 2013

Manic RowBuster

3claws, hendrix000007, 3 in a row, Lua Fortuna Island

By Hendrix000007 | Added April 2, 2013