Customer Keeper

Customer Keeper provide a different way to manage task, todo, and events by associating it to a person. Customer Keeper allows you...

By Ancientec | Added June 8, 2016

Stack It up endless challenges

try to stack blocks align on top of each other as accurate as possible. Stack it up as tall as you can!

By Ancientec | Added May 3, 2016

Color Memory Challenges

Train your memory by tapping the color as shown in order.

By Ancientec | Added April 26, 2016


2008Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, LOHAS1998

By Ancientec | Added April 25, 2016

The Stock

The Stock makes it really easy to manager your stock portfolio in a few clicks. Simply add company to watch list and enter the buy/sell...

By Ancientec | Added November 29, 2014

Keyboard - for transfer text over wifi

Keyboard App is made to share text from favorite messengers on phone to computer.Ever have to write a lengthy message on phone and...

By Ancientec | Added October 31, 2014

lineup - challenging math games

this is a very challenging math game, suitable for daily training for everyone, swipe numbers on the board to add up to the target...

By Ancientec | Added September 25, 2014

Parked & find your car with ease

Parked is a simple app allow you to pinpoint your car, set time to remind you to pick up your car, even better you can take at most...

By Ancientec | Added June 27, 2014

GoalGoal Soccer

use finger to kick the soccer and score the goal!

By Ancientec | Added June 20, 2014