The Refuge Spring Hill

Connect with The Refuge Church in Spring Hill, TN. View videos of past sermons, find the church, submit prayer requests, connect to...

By iPocketPC.Net | Added June 12, 2016

New Hope Church TV

In March 1989, New Hope Church began in an elementary school auditorium in Pearland. On Palm Sunday, 2014, we celebrated the 25th Anniversary...

By iPocketPC.Net | Added October 4, 2014


At Undiscovered Interactive Technologies, we are passionate about what we do! We develop 100% HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Responsive Web...

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Computer and Network support. You can request help, call them, send an email. Get help on all your Mac/PC computer, networking and...

By iPocketPC.Net | Added November 24, 2013

iTank Capacity

iTank Capacity is a useful tool that will calculate the volume of liquid in your tanks. This tool will calculate Gallons, Liters, and...

By iPocketPC.Net | Added April 2, 2013


Turn your iPhone/iPod or iPad into a futuristic Tricorder. iTricorder has a GPS - Locator, Current Weather, Flash Light as well as...

By iPocketPC.Net | Added February 27, 2013


Pink Guitar Farm is an application that links buyers to Pink Guitar Farm to purchase livestock and produce.

By iPocketPC.Net | Added February 6, 2013

iPocket Geometry

iPocket Geometry solves Area, Perimeter, Surface Area and Volume for Plane and Solid geometry shapes. This is a great application for...

By iPocketPC.Net | Added June 21, 2012

iAmortization Calculator

iAmortization is a simple loan amortization application. This application calculates car notes, mortgages, etc. that also shows the...

By iPocketPC.Net | Added June 4, 2012