Andreas Can

REM Sleep Cycle Pro

The Simplest way to Improve your Sleep*!*IOS 8.3 Updated***Cleaned Up UI**______________________________________Don't wait for the...

By Andreas Can | Added July 31, 2015


**IOS 8.3 Update**_______________Join 2P48 and become the pro of the tiled world!2P48 needs a new challenger, try three different modes...

By Andreas Can | Added January 5, 2015

Creative Messenger

Send sneaky messages !Send funny and secret messages to your closest friends without them knowing what it means!When this gets popular...

By Andreas Can | Added December 9, 2014

Sloth Jump

Welcome to Sloth Jump :)!In this quirky adventure you take your sloth soaring high into the jungle tops (much further than most sloths...

By Andreas Can | Added March 17, 2014

Buzzy Bugs

Buzzy Bugs!Buzz those little wings while dodging obstacles :DHow far can you go?

By Andreas Can | Added March 17, 2014

Flying Bieber - Jail Time

Flying Bieber- Jail Time!!!!!!!You've got Bieber fever & You're Stuck in Jail =(Are you skilled enough to escape? =3WARNING* Game is...

By Andreas Can | Added March 10, 2014

Swag Teller

Questioning your Swagger? Question no more..$$Ask your Swagster your question and see how he responds!$$ Swagster has many customizable...

By Andreas Can | Added January 6, 2014

Yolo Ball

**Update 8.3**____________Ever wondered what your future beholds?Curious to know what #Yolo is all about?$$Ask your question to #YoloBall...

By Andreas Can | Added May 21, 2013