Nicolas LOBROT

My Princess Coloring

My Princess Coloring is easy to use and offer a wide range of possibilities.With an original system of layers kids can color the different...

By Nicolas LOBROT | Added December 29, 2014

Kirakira The Little Fish

Kirakira the little fish lost her mom while she was playing outside in the ocean.Will you help her find her way and use her bubbles...

By Nicolas LOBROT | Added November 29, 2014

Grid Memorize

Grid MemorizeGrid Memorize is a cute game for kids to focus their attention and recall shapes position on a grid.FEATURESCute shapes...

By Nicolas LOBROT | Added April 9, 2014

Rainbow Highway

Drag the cars around to have them reach the end of the lane matching their color.There are three kind of games :- Time : one minute...

By Nicolas LOBROT | Added January 6, 2014

My Suitcase !

The station employee has mixed all the suitcases !Soon the trains will arrive and you need to help to find which luggage belongs to...

By Nicolas LOBROT | Added August 15, 2013


**Ad Free, In App Purchase Free**TouchLogo is an educative game to introduce computer programming to the young children.The interface...

By Nicolas LOBROT | Added July 15, 2013

Safari Photo

You have one minute to get the best shots of this mischievous monkey.Try to fit it in the frame, zoom in and shoot !

By Nicolas LOBROT | Added June 14, 2013


Could you help the frog to reach the fly at the end of the path ?FrogMaze is a maze game featuring a cute frog.The maze layout is randomly...

By Nicolas LOBROT | Added May 8, 2013

4 Forms

4 Form is an educative game for young kids to learn shapes and colors.They will be able to find fun exercises serving different purposes...

By Nicolas LOBROT | Added April 7, 2013

100 fishes for kids

Train your reflexes and try to catch all the fishes !A game for the whole family starting with babies and kids.FEATURES- Fun and cute...

By Nicolas LOBROT | Added February 4, 2013