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Run, Forest, Run

Come on! Join us and let's run together!v1.2

By DreamTeam Mobile | Added March 19, 2019

phone Dialer for Windows 10

Fast and smart search against your contacts using T9 and transliterate. We search against all fields. Windows Phone Limitations: no...

By DreamTeam Mobile | Added June 1, 2017


Luau is a game. Goal is to make as many points as possible. You make points by connecting two or more cells of similar color. Your...

By DreamTeam Mobile | Added July 7, 2015

Simple Latitude

Simple Latitude is a location tracker app for your phone. Simple, fast and stable. Works in foreground, background modes and even when...

By DreamTeam Mobile | Added June 13, 2014

Reviews Reader for Windows 8

Reviews Reader allows you to track feedback on your apps. Easy to check tool shows you new reviews and ratings for Windows 8 and Windows...

By DreamTeam Mobile | Added April 15, 2013

wGuru for Windows 8

wGuru non-official third party client for www.windguru.cz forecast site. Everyone who likes extreme sport like kitesurfing, windsurfing...

By DreamTeam Mobile | Added March 13, 2013

Craigslist Reimagined for Windows 8

Craigslist, unofficial third party application which provides modern and easy access to www.craigslist.com portal. It helps you to...

By DreamTeam Mobile | Added March 13, 2013

gMaps for Windows 8

gMaps is Windows 8 client for Google Maps. It provides mapping features you got used to in the most convenient way. It features directions...

By DreamTeam Mobile | Added January 30, 2013