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BLEAPPWhen APP is open , it will show loading page.When your device close ibeacon , it will show another image. Beacon info(UUID:28C3AC12-1CCB-4FB7-93B5-890021F0E30B,Major:77,...

By THLight Co., Ltd | Added May 18, 2016

iReemo 2 for TV BOX

iReemo Plus PC / TV BOX Multimedia Controller (Bluetooth 4.0). Transform Your Smartphone into TV BOX Controller / Keyboard / Touch...

By THLight Co., Ltd | Added September 30, 2014


USBeacon is an development tool made for ibeacon developers. It can help user find ibeacons with specific UUID and use iphone as ibeacon....

By THLight Co., Ltd | Added March 29, 2014

iReemo 2 ( BLE )

The iReemo 2 BLE APP allows your smartphone to control computers, laptops, and smart TVs through the iReemo BLE dongle. The APP provides...

By THLight Co., Ltd | Added March 4, 2014


Smart Dongle enables you to gain control of any PC or NB with plug and play, and turns your smart phone and tablet into a keyboard,...

By THLight Co., Ltd | Added February 8, 2013


Overview:- Replace all remotes with your smart device- Control all IR devices Even In The Cabinet- Bluetooth Connectivity, No dongle...

By THLight Co., Ltd | Added January 7, 2013



By THLight Co., Ltd | Added December 3, 2011