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BLEAPPWhen APP is open , it will show loading page.When your device close ibeacon , it will show another image. Beacon info(UUID:28C3AC12-1CCB-4FB7-93B5-890021F0E30B,Major:77,...

By THLight Co., Ltd | Added May 18, 2016

iReemo 2 for TV BOX

iReemo Plus PC / TV BOX Multimedia Controller (Bluetooth 4.0). Transform Your Smartphone into TV BOX Controller / Keyboard / Touch...

By THLight Co., Ltd | Added September 30, 2014


Smart Dongle enables you to gain control of any PC or NB with plug and play, and turns your smart phone and tablet into a keyboard,...

By THLight Co., Ltd | Added February 8, 2013



By THLight Co., Ltd | Added December 3, 2011