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Bongos Free!

How to use Bongos Free:Simple to use Bongos are easy

By david bajada | Added June 14, 2013

SoundBoard Full Free

How to Use SoundBoard:This app is really entertaining you have real sound effects that you can play with there are 32 different sound...

By david bajada | Added April 29, 2013

Battery Free

How to Use Battery Free!: This App is very accurate when it cames to battery percentage it tells you how much battery you have left...

By david bajada | Added April 6, 2013

Birds Sound Effects Free!

Birds Sound Effects How To Use Birds Sound Effects Open Up The App And You Will See 24 Different Sound Effects Tap On Each One Will...

By david bajada | Added March 26, 2013


How To Use Guitar Free: Guitar is very nice and simple to use you have the play button and the settings button on the menu if you press...

By david bajada | Added March 18, 2013

Solitaire Free V1

How To Use Solitaire Free:Solitaire is a card game for those like to play card games this is for them the app is very easy to play...

By david bajada | Added March 4, 2013

Voice Recorder

How To Use Voice Recorder:Once you downloaded the app open the app and you will see microphone to start recording you need to press...

By david bajada | Added January 28, 2013

Air Hockey Free Now

Air Hockey How To Use: Air Hockey is very simple to use chose one of the options easy medium or hard if you want to win you have to...

By david bajada | Added January 10, 2013

Table Tennis

Amazing app Free you can play table tenis There is four different theme you chose one of them and off you go you start playing enjoy...

By david bajada | Added December 29, 2012