Sledd C-Store SolutionsConvenience Wholesaler application for distributor sales repsThis app will be used in the field

By Verge | Added April 19, 2016


Even many of the best run convenience stores have issues with overstock, or empty shelves. They must rely heavily on a store manager...

By Verge | Added January 7, 2016

Burklund Gateway

At Burklund Distributors, what we know will grow you. We have the experience, the products, and most importantly, the know-how to grow...

By Verge | Added July 22, 2015

J. Polep Plus

J. Polep Plus allows c-store operators and sales representatives to book deal sheets in a near real time environment and place quick...

By Verge | Added May 23, 2015

Team Modern

Being a Team Modern partner/customer just got that much better. Our goal is to get you the best deals on products and the newest items...

By Verge | Added June 10, 2013

AJS Advantage

This is a sales and presentation application developed for AJ Silberman and Company and its customers. This application allows companies...

By Verge | Added March 27, 2013