Handy Mart

''We refuel your life". At Handy Mart we know your money and your time is important. Let us help save you money and time. MyHandyMartdeals...

By Verge | Added September 28, 2017

Hot Spot C-Store

The goal of Jordan Oil Company and Hot Spot stores is to provide our customers with excellent and convenient service, a clean, safe,...

By Verge | Added June 21, 2016

Plaid Pantry

Get in get it get going just got that much better with the Plaid Pantry smartphone app.

By Verge | Added June 21, 2016


Fas Mart just got faster with Fas APP. Pick up your Fas CASHBACK card, and register it right from within Fas APP to start saving on...

By Verge | Added June 21, 2016


Sledd C-Store SolutionsConvenience Wholesaler application for distributor sales repsThis app will be used in the field

By Verge | Added April 19, 2016


Even many of the best run convenience stores have issues with overstock, or empty shelves. They must rely heavily on a store manager...

By Verge | Added January 7, 2016

Burklund Gateway

At Burklund Distributors, what we know will grow you. We have the experience, the products, and most importantly, the know-how to grow...

By Verge | Added July 22, 2015

General Cigar Buyers Network

Now you can place orders for General Cigars top selling brands on your mobile device with the new General Cigar Buyers Network. For...

By Verge | Added June 27, 2015

J. Polep Plus

J. Polep Plus allows c-store operators and sales representatives to book deal sheets in a near real time environment and place quick...

By Verge | Added May 23, 2015

J. Polep BOOST

Download the J. Polep smartphone app to stay connected to the latest deals, new products, and other important details that will help...

By Verge | Added September 13, 2014

Team Modern

Being a Team Modern partner/customer just got that much better. Our goal is to get you the best deals on products and the newest items...

By Verge | Added June 10, 2013