Masayuki Funami

TiltViewAngle/ ()

- This app measures such as the slope of the utility poles and buildings.

By Masayuki Funami | Added June 17, 2016

PictTunes/ Random Play Pic&Music

- During playback the music library, "PictTunes" will automatically display the image associated with the artists.- When it is time...

By Masayuki Funami | Added June 13, 2016

BarGraphCal/ Graph Calculator

- Because it can be displayed in the bar chart and calculation results, you will have a good idea of the data intuitively.- Button...

By Masayuki Funami | Added June 12, 2016

FxCal/ Forex Calc. Free

- When you have foreign travel, "this price is How much in Japanese yen? " Do you have any experience like this? This calculator is...

By Masayuki Funami | Added June 11, 2016


- "What hours shoud I take for this work?" At that time, This App is so Useful.- First of all, please measure a cycle time of your...

By Masayuki Funami | Added May 2, 2016


- This is a photo frame that automatically select the image of Japanese ramen or sushi ... from on the Web.- If you change your keywords,...

By Masayuki Funami | Added August 18, 2015


- You can play the Movie in Mirror Reversal.- Slow Playback & Reverse Playback is Available.- Available on iPhone & iPad.

By Masayuki Funami | Added January 24, 2015