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Ninja PUPU

How to play1 Swipe left and right to move blocks2 Drag downward to speed up the fall! 3 Swipe downward to drop the blocks! 4 Tap the...

By CiRE software | Added October 30, 2014

Chops Ahoy - SinGer

A simple game with an Eastern look. Tap to chop the wood. But Look out! The old man sometimes gets confused and puts things other than...

By CiRE software | Added September 3, 2013

Strawberry Patch

Collect strawberries by grouping three adjacent and similar plants to upgrade them. Then sell them on the market for gold to pursue...

By CiRE software | Added December 22, 2012

Diamond Bumper

Diamond Bumper- Group the diamonds of the same number together to clear them from the board.- You win when you clear all the diamonds...

By CiRE software | Added September 26, 2012


-Simple Rule: Collect ice cubes in the given time to pass! -3 Game Modes:Journey: 40 levels of challenges await!7 min Tournament: How...

By CiRE software | Added August 29, 2012

Battle Minesweeper:Ai

Who are you? Who are you playing with?? Where is the BOMB???Battle Minesweeper is a fun and exciting game for anyone with an iPhone,...

By CiRE software | Added June 7, 2012


!!! AI,,!MSN,iPhoneiPad,~^__^ ,iPhone, : :, , , , , , , , , , !, ,! 1.AI:!,,?2.:,,! 26! 3.:?iPad,Iphone iPod touch,

By CiRE software | Added June 3, 2012


***************************************| ***************************************!!! AI,,!MSN,iPhoneiPad,~^__^,iPhone,::, ,...

By CiRE software | Added June 3, 2012

Draw Marquee-LED Banner

Tired of Text-Only Marquee? With Draw Marquee you get to draw anything and show it to the world.-You can export Marquee to MP4 video.-Multi-color...

By CiRE software | Added April 23, 2012