Dead Drunk Man( too difficult)

Dad was drunk and went to sleep in a strange place. Let Jacobo to bed before you catch a cold. I be careful because become hospital...

By HaruguchiSoft | Added August 19, 2014

Flying Girl (kawii)

Dreamy girl will fly in the sky freely. Please lead her to you. [ How to play simple ]You just swipe her. --> 2 game mode.

By HaruguchiSoft | Added June 27, 2014


[[[ interval vibrate timer. ]]]This app can use only iPhone. (iPod touch,iPad is not use)This app is use iPhone's vibe mode.You can...

By HaruguchiSoft | Added May 25, 2014

Titan Dash

You run away from giant zombies Come Charges! ! Tonight, giants came to town. The castle run away to avoid the giant. 20 seconds until...

By HaruguchiSoft | Added May 12, 2014


*** Quarter view Maze ***Pretty fox's girl want many money.but monster is disturb.

By HaruguchiSoft | Added April 25, 2014


This app mosaic photos you have, by simple operation. You just swipe your finger anywhere. Differs from other apps, it is the place...

By HaruguchiSoft | Added March 20, 2014