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Digital Lens

A simple app from ZEISS to test your patient's vision and determine if they might suffer from Digital Eye Strain.

By Carl Zeiss AG | Added September 2, 2014

Digital Lenses Presentation

Digital and intuitive ZEISS Digital Lenses presentation. To equip the ZEISS sales representatives and key account managers with an...

By Carl Zeiss AG | Added February 19, 2014

MEL 90

MEL 90 an Exciting New Addition to the ZEISS Refractive Laser LandscapeThe ZEISS MEL 90 app provides you an impressive and fully interactive...

By Carl Zeiss AG | Added November 18, 2013

Lens Catalog

This is the ZEISS Camera Lens Catalog, especially designed for ZEISS authorized dealers. It features all current product lines and...

By Carl Zeiss AG | Added October 12, 2013

Digital Lenses

The frequent use of digital mobile devices is challenging on the human eye. The ZEISS Digital Lens App for professional eye care specialists...

By Carl Zeiss AG | Added September 13, 2013

i.Demo NA

This i.Demo consultation-app is exclusively for selected ZEISS opticians. This app provides visual support during patient consultations.i.Demo...

By Carl Zeiss AG | Added December 9, 2012