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Octopus Wrap

In Octopus Wrap, you play as a cute Octopus. swim in water and tilt your phone to move your character and see how far you can go in...

By Moez Ali Co.Ltd | Added June 30, 2015

Diamond Theif

- Touch the screen to slow down the Diamond and let go to speed it up- Dash up and down to avoid all of the obstacles and see how high...

By Moez Ali Co.Ltd | Added June 29, 2015

Monkey Fury

Fancy taking down a whole monkey platoon single-handedly? Aim, set & fire. You'll need a steady hand and nerves of steel to take down...

By Moez Ali Co.Ltd | Added June 18, 2015


Finally, the brand-new game comes available for kids and fun-game loving users.Achieve the goal by avoiding obstacles in thrills with...

By Moez Ali Co.Ltd | Added January 14, 2015

Panda Fly

Help this Panda to get till the end of the road!Collect coins!Avoid Orcs and other enemies!Shoot with awesome laser rifle!Get fuel...

By Moez Ali Co.Ltd | Added December 29, 2014

Banana Loca

With a lot of daily tasks to complete and strict deadlines to fulfill, your life is certainly one full of pain and tension. Fortunately,...

By Moez Ali Co.Ltd | Added November 16, 2014

Raccoons Tail

Raccoon has a mission!Go with him adventure and help him!Complete all the levels as fast as you can!Good luck!Play now!

By Moez Ali Co.Ltd | Added October 25, 2014

Street Builder

Street Builder is an old school arcade style casual game. Become a Street Builder, destroy buildings and avoid the balcony. Sounds...

By Moez Ali Co.Ltd | Added October 23, 2014

Dino Rush Universal Racing Free Game

Dino Rush is a great game to play with friends or family. This game will take you through many different scenes of which have levels...

By Moez Ali Co.Ltd | Added July 29, 2014

JetPack Tiger

A fantastic bundle of jungle fun with tiger for the whole family! Choose Tiger and grab the coins but be careful to avoid the other...

By Moez Ali Co.Ltd | Added July 12, 2014