Yasin Audio (Mishary Alafasy)

PLEASE, READ THIS FIRST !!This is an audio pack for the free application Yasin Rahman Waqia Mulk available on the Android Market. Thus,...

February 29, 2012 By dimach.cassiope

Audio Pack (Mishary Alafasy)

PLEASE, READ THIS FIRST !!---------Link to the main application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chaks.juzammaThis...

February 21, 2012 By dimach.cassiope

Ayat al Kursi (Throne Verse)

The Throne Verse ( ) or Ayatul Kursi, is the 255th verse of the second Surah Al-Baqara. It is the most famous verse of the Quran.This...

February 3, 2012 By dimach.cassiope