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Electric Factory App

Download the Official Electric Factory mobile app for the latest event information, in-app ticketing, social media integration, interactive...

By My Ciright, Inc. | Added August 8, 2019


Ciright provides you with mobile access to a powerful, simple to use, web-based computing application that will immediately drive growth...

By My Ciright, Inc. | Added June 8, 2016

The IBS Mobile Ministry

The IBS Mobile Ministry is a cloud based application customized by The IBS Group, LLC to provide a way for religious institutions to...

By My Ciright, Inc. | Added March 27, 2015

Equipment Hedron

Enterprise Management tool for you internet things

By My Ciright, Inc. | Added February 4, 2015

Enterprise Corporate Contacts

The Enterprise Corporate Contacts App allows for communication within a business in a simple-to-use interface. The application allows...

By My Ciright, Inc. | Added October 17, 2014

BSI Construction

The BSI Construction App provides general contractors, construction managers, and subcontractors with a collaborative platform to manage...

By My Ciright, Inc. | Added February 27, 2014

Wyatt Elevator

Wyatt Elevator provides Wyatt employees and their customers with a mobile, social, and collaborative platform to manage elevator service...

By My Ciright, Inc. | Added July 13, 2012

Tristate Pipeline

Are you a mechanical contractor or engineer who wants to be efficient, organized and prepared? Do you want a single place where you...

By My Ciright, Inc. | Added May 16, 2012


Trimain offers a custom mobile platform, developed by Ciright, that gives you an immediate gateway to all of your information needed...

By My Ciright, Inc. | Added March 5, 2012