Eric Koziol


What are you going to do?TOUCH THE SCREEN!Or don't. You'll know.

By Eric Koziol | Added August 30, 2014


"Rainblocks offers a lot of frantic fun, all wrapped up in a comforting, upbeat package. 4/5" - Shaun Musgrave, Touch Arcade"As simple...

By Eric Koziol | Added June 11, 2014

HeadCounter Free

Keep track of two separate values at the same time and see the ratio between them. Also contains options to see the sum, difference...

By Eric Koziol | Added February 27, 2014

12, 13, Sorry!

Counting can be fun!This app is designed by a teacher for assisting students in playing a counting game. This game helps students to...

By Eric Koziol | Added July 23, 2013


Subaku, Japanese for Number Explosion, is just as it sounds. You touch a number, it explodes (value decreases by one), then the surrounding...

By Eric Koziol | Added March 5, 2013