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Secutor Certificate Wizard.This wizard allows you to send encrypted email messages to other Secutor users, using the industry standard...

By Tony Yustein | Added September 8, 2013

Concept Marine

Concept Marine is the distributor of Atlantis, Numarine, Yuka, Sacs and MaxiDolphin brands in Turkey. You can find information about...

By Tony Yustein | Added October 9, 2012

MacLove 01-12

e-magazine of MacLove January 2012 issueTurkish information is below:MacLove Ocak 2012 says

By Tony Yustein | Added April 10, 2012


Book App of Moris Algazi's Book "Sanki..."Moris Algazi'nin "Sanki..." isimli kitabi.

By Tony Yustein | Added February 27, 2012

Virtual Controller

Virtual Controller is an App which connects to your Real Racing 2 game on your Mac and enables your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad to act as...

By Tony Yustein | Added February 27, 2012

Radyo Kral Pop

Radio Kral Pop App, works in backgroundKral Pop Radyo, arka planda calisiyor.

By Tony Yustein | Added January 15, 2012

Bin Yz Bir nsan

Book App for Aret Vartanyan for his 3rd book Bin Yuz Bir InsanTurkish explanation is below:Birka kitabn arkasn evirip bakyorsun ve...

By Tony Yustein | Added December 8, 2011


A simple and fun Yes or No game

By Tony Yustein | Added November 15, 2011


Dice throw application. Voices are in Ottoman and Turkish.Tavla iin zar program. Sesler Osmanlca ve Trke olarak kaydedilmitir. boyutlu...

By Tony Yustein | Added November 3, 2011