Peter Ding

Outlander:Fantastic Princess

A dreamy love adventure that will carry your heart away!Outlander: Fantastic Princess is a classic otome game with a touch of romance.Be...

January 18, 2020 By Peter Ding

Merge 3 Mania

Dont judge the game by its name! It is not just-another-ordinary-match-3-game. It is Merge-3 Maaania - the most intriguing and innovative...

October 13, 2019 By Peter Ding

- ,RPG


June 11, 2016 By Peter Ding



November 16, 2015 By Peter Ding


In a world overrun by do you do it? You must tap!Tap to attack monster,tap to collect life and key.tap to battle the bossMore...

February 9, 2015 By Peter Ding