Dubstep Gun Simulator

There is three dubstep gun types with all musix in this application. Surprise your friends by dubstep guns in your phone. Dubstep guns...

By gs-studio | Added May 26, 2017

Simulator Of Pyrotechnics 3

New realistic graphics. Realistic sounds. A wide range of different firecrackers, rockets, fireworks. Each fireworks has its own unique...

By gs-studio | Added March 17, 2017

Pyrotechnist Simulator

In this game you can create your own fireworks show. Beautiful graphics. Christmas mood. Several types of fireworks. Detailed settings...

By gs-studio | Added February 10, 2017

Fireworks Designer

In this app you can create your own fireworks and run it. Different colors. A huge number of different combinations. Ability to save...

By gs-studio | Added February 2, 2017

Blasters and lightsabers

This application is a comic in it, you can turn on the lightsaber and fire a blaster. 3 Different lightsabers, with different colors....

By gs-studio | Added February 2, 2017

Russian roulette simulator

If you love the risk, it is the game for you. ''Russian roulette simulator'' will allow you to play without risking their lives in...

By gs-studio | Added February 2, 2017

WiFi Booter

WiFi-Booter, boot your PC with iPhone or iPad!!! WiFi-Booter which based on PXE protocol is one of the many ways you can boot a PC...

By gs-studio | Added June 10, 2016

PPT Show (PowerPoint Player)

Auto convert your PowerPoint files to pictures and show it with massive transitions. It's very easy to: Show your products to customers...

By gs-studio | Added February 22, 2012


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By gs-studio | Added April 17, 2011