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Square Play

Square Play is a simple game about navigating squares on to circles. Yes, that simple. Move the squares by tapping. Direction changes...

By Jaladi Corp | Added June 12, 2016

conversation shaker 1000

The Conversation Shaker app helps you shake up any conversation when you get stuck in that awkward silence. Stir up a boring dinner...

By Jaladi Corp | Added June 10, 2016

Conversation Shaker

Conversation Shaker provides interesting topics/ice breakers based on different situations. Shake the iPhone to see the next conversation...

By Jaladi Corp | Added June 10, 2016

CertSpin GRE Vocab

CertSpin GRE Vocab is a quiz app that contains 1500 words split into 60 quizzes. Each quiz has a 'mastered/not-mastered' flag to help...

By Jaladi Corp | Added July 30, 2015


Daily365 lets you select a daily message and a remainder to read the message. Select from jokes, inspirational quotes, fun facts, puzzles,...

By Jaladi Corp | Added August 20, 2014

Film Poster Quiz

Film Poster Quiz is a fun and exciting quiz game where you have to look at a film poster guess the name of the movie.The movie name...

By Jaladi Corp | Added July 21, 2014


JTrivia is a playable archive of all the Jeopardy games from the last 30 seasons of the show. All the content is sourced by the users...

By Jaladi Corp | Added May 5, 2014

Tasty Bakes

High quality baking recipes for all occasions! Detailed instructions and beautiful pictures.

By Jaladi Corp | Added February 23, 2014

Bible Quiz 1000

Bible quiz - 9 levels, 80+ quiz's, 1000+ questions.Entertaining way to learn about the Bible.Hint button gives you the bible verse.As...

By Jaladi Corp | Added July 17, 2013