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Pirate Protect

Protect your ship from the vicious sea!Shoot the cannon balls at the enemies that approach.How long can you last?Free! Check out our...

By Maloose Apps | Added March 27, 2016

Clarinet Player

Play the clarinet on the anywhere you go! with three complex modes to choose from you never need to pick up a real clarinet ever againImpress...

By Maloose Apps | Added March 23, 2016

Run Slob

RUN SLOB RUN!Move left and right as the world throws dangerous obstacles at you!Free! Check out our other apps

By Maloose Apps | Added March 23, 2016

Block Squad Jump PRO

RUN WITH YOUR SQUAD!Why control just one stickman when you can control up to 5!?The bigger the squad the harder it is to help your...

By Maloose Apps | Added May 27, 2015

Sideways Flap

* Rated 10/10, Sideways Flap is named the most addictive game to ever hit the App Store! *Flap Flap Flap has fast and as hard as you...

By Maloose Apps | Added November 4, 2014

Happy Roll

Happy Roll is one of the most ADDICTIVE and FUN games ever to hit the App Store!Explore over 50 Levels and collect as many coins using...

By Maloose Apps | Added July 25, 2014

QuizPOP! Trivia - 007 Edition

How Well do you know your favorite secret Agent?Are your favorite three numbers 007?Test your brain with Pixelnaut's QuizPOP 007 edition!-Over...

By Maloose Apps | Added April 26, 2014