BlindSquare is pioneering accessible navigation both indoors and outdoors. Know where you are, know where you're going, travel with...

By MIPsoft | Added October 9, 2017


Sing along or make your own mix of Hans On th Bass' new hit song Loveshine! The tune is competing to represent Finland in the Eurovision...

By MIPsoft | Added February 4, 2015


Sing along or make your own mix of MadCraft's new hit song Shining Bright! The catchy tune is competing to represent Finland in the...

By MIPsoft | Added January 14, 2014

BlindSq Event

This is the free Event Edition of BlindSquare, provided by MIPsoft and Acapela.BlindSquare Event Edition will only work at the time...

By MIPsoft | Added May 30, 2013


Parkkikiekko on sovellus, joka hlytt, kun parkkiaikasi on loppumassa.1) Valitse parkkiaika ja paina Aloita2) Sovellus merkitsee autosi...

By MIPsoft | Added February 8, 2012

Der Hangman

With Der Hangman you can play the game of hangman. Words are collected from several German news feeds.

By MIPsoft | Added January 19, 2012

YLE hirsipuu

Tss peliss yritt arvata uutisotsikoita. Pelin ptytty net, mist uutisesta oli kyse ja voit lukea koko uutisen Yleisradion nettisivuilta.Huom!...

By MIPsoft | Added October 6, 2011


Tm sovellus nytt viikkonumeron iPhonen kotivalikossa. Viikkonumero pivittyy, vaikka sovellus ei ole kynniss. Kun avaat sovelluksen,...

By MIPsoft | Added September 21, 2011

MEP Rescue

How well you know members of the European Parliament? Now you can have fun learning them by playing a game of hangman. When the game...

By MIPsoft | Added July 20, 2011