Polda 6

Jedna z nejpopulrnjch her vydanch v echch. S nezapomenutelnm dabingem Luka Soboty, Jiho Lbuse, Martina Dejdara, Ivy Pazderkov a Valerie...

May 30, 2020 By Zima-software

Polda 2

One of the most popular Czech adventure game.Chyba v tutorialu, na kterou upozoruj posledn recenze hr byla opravena.Jedna z nejpopulrnjch...

June 10, 2016 By Zima-software

Awesome cop

Get ready for the hit game of the year! Finally a great game which isnt just fun, but also develops your imagination and exercises...

March 29, 2012 By Zima-software