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Food Finder

Food Finder was developed to solve the daily argument of "Where should we eat?" Using food finder's choose for me button, the app will...

By Michael Quach | Added July 17, 2015

Life Quotes

Daily life quotes from famous Christian authors and leadersContent rating: Low Maturity

By Michael Quach | Added April 7, 2015

Motivational Quotes

Sometimes the inspiration you need to achieve your dreams can be found in a few simple words of wisdom.Success, as with most things,...

By Michael Quach | Added November 3, 2014

Business Quote

******** To be used only on Android 7'' tablets **********If you're a small business owner or a freelancer, who wants to send quotes,...

By Michael Quach | Added March 20, 2012

Weird Facts for Android

Weird Facts for Android contains hundreds of cool, weird, useless, odd, and awesome fun facts at your finger tips! Browse through them...

By Michael Quach | Added August 13, 2011

Vocab Quiz

Vocab Quiz for Android gives the best vocab word quiz at your Android device. With this application you can improve your English vocabulary...

By Michael Quach | Added November 11, 2010

Mark Twain Quotes

Mark Twain was the one of our greatest American authors. This application say about truth, love, friendship, courage, health, humility,...

By Michael Quach | Added November 11, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr Quotes

Martin Luther King Jr Quotes for Android gives top quotes by Martin Luther King. He was a prominent leader in the African-American...

By Michael Quach | Added November 11, 2010

Daily Prayers

Daily Prayers for Android gives you stay connected with your Lord. This app brings you short prayers, or aspirations, to help you stay...

By Michael Quach | Added November 10, 2010

Mother Teresa Quotes

Mother Teresa was a true humanitarian who ministered to the poor, sick, orphaned, and dying. This application help you to read what...

By Michael Quach | Added November 10, 2010

Store Finder

Store Finder for Android is an easy-to use, quick, and convenient way to find a retail store near you. This application identifies...

By Michael Quach | Added November 3, 2010

Best Diet Foods

Best Diet Foods for Android contains the best diet foods such as Avocados, Blueberries, Flax Seeds, Garlic, Dark Chocolate, Green Tea,...

By Michael Quach | Added November 1, 2010

Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs for Android gives you the info of many traditional herbs and botanicals used in complementary and alternative medicine...

By Michael Quach | Added October 28, 2010