Elite Games Ltd

Royal Blacksmith (Early Access)

Royal Blacksmith is a story driven multiplayer(guild based) shop-sim game. It sounds kinda too mixed and too complex for one-indie-man...

February 20, 2020 By Elite Games Ltd

Royal Heroes

Welcome, my Lord, to the cursed kingdom. A land plagued by black magic and creatures that crawl out of the darkness. Once this was...

September 26, 2015 By Elite Games Ltd

Merlins Lab

Merlins Lab is an puzzle game in which you try to find the philosopher's stone. The closer you to final aim, the more points you score.You...

November 17, 2013 By Elite Games Ltd

Numbers: Math

Logical game with numbers. Try yourself against computer, score more points to win. This is free game, I made it for my kids. This...

December 22, 2012 By Elite Games Ltd

Hack Attack

Strategy about "territory" conquest.Easy to play, but hard to master.

December 16, 2012 By Elite Games Ltd

Joes Last Stand

Help Joe save the last radish bed from the evil sheep. You can upgrade your weapon and your ammunition, as you take on those pesky...

January 21, 2012 By Elite Games Ltd