As a leading media in interior design, the Interior Design has been. in uencing designers in their design ideas, perceptions and attitudes...

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China Pictorial HD

China Pictorial features beautiful high-quality photographs and intriguing and informative articles which are dedicated to faithfully...

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This application is a scalable version of City Planning Review, renewed each month. Based on its paper version of each month, with...

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Mount Wudang,the most famous Taoism holy land in China. One click, you could enjoy Taoist culture, Inner alchemy, Taoist medicine,...

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Focused on business, Global Business reports on society and culture, economic trends and strategies, as well as investment opportunities...

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This application offers the monograph, teaching materials and public reading materials of CUCP (Communication University of China Press)...

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POP MusicThis Application is powered by VcRead.With the search keyword "vcread", you can findmore exciting content in App Store.

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This application is produced by Hebei Guanlin Digital Publishing Co., Ltd., which incorporates high-quality digital publishing resources...

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Yue 1 is an e-book reading tools developed by our company. New reading mode, speed software engine, personalized interface design gives...

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American style mixes up different kinds of elements. It borrows and blends into background cultures of many countries and areas. The...

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