Mayday! - A Lappy Aircraft In Trouble

Mayday! - A Lappy Aircraft In Trouble. Tap on the screen to keep the plane fly. And most importantly... beat your friends high sco...

By WireMuch.com | Added February 20, 2014

Indian Roti And Soup

Challenge yourself to catch as many roti as you can in your indian soup!A beautiful day with Indian roti and soup. Enjoy!

By WireMuch.com | Added February 4, 2014

My Little Candy Crack

A line of candy is fling in the sky. Choose right color to shoot down as many candy as you can!!!

By WireMuch.com | Added December 21, 2013

Bomb The Birds Lite

Have awesome fun with Bomb The Birds Lite by dropping bombs onto a bunch of crazy/wacky birds! Challenge yourself to complete all 8...

By WireMuch.com | Added August 20, 2013