Lumo Zen Ball

Introducing the Lumo Zen Ball: a peaceful, glowing, ethereal orb.Increase your score by moving the orb whilst guiding it through the...

By WireMuch.com | Added April 28, 2016

Spring Mountain Goat Ninja

I was born a ninja goat, however I try hard not to gloat.I scale all the mountains, with the help of my good friends.Will you join...

By WireMuch.com | Added March 22, 2015

Tappy Rocks - Snappy Mud Tap

Tap the rocks and don't hit the mud to get further and gain points in different play modes

By WireMuch.com | Added September 12, 2014

Dodgy Madness - Ball Throw Avoider

Dodge the flying basketballs to get as far as you can and score points in this epic ball avoidance challenge

By WireMuch.com | Added September 4, 2014

Wrong Way Space Race

Don't lost in space even you are going WRONG WAY!Survive is your task!!!Easy to play, hard to master. Share with your friends!

By WireMuch.com | Added August 28, 2014

Tap Symbol Bubbles - Bubbly Splat Maniac

Tap bubbles with matching symbols next to each other to make explosions and gain points! The more bubbles, the bigger the bang!

By WireMuch.com | Added August 27, 2014