aDyslexia is designed to help people with reading disorder dyslexia to read e-books in PDF format and browse the web. The app modifies...

November 11, 2014 By Gameteam


Become the best Knoxball player/manager the world has seen! Knoxball is a simple football simulation game, where the players move around...

October 9, 2014 By Gameteam


Play as an orange ball that is lost and has to get home. You have to cross different obstacles like spikes and electric fields to reach...

July 21, 2014 By Gameteam

Chicken Challenge

A quick and fun game, to remove boredom.Use your fingers to tap or swipe the chickens.Why ? Protect your flying egg that is trying...

June 20, 2014 By Gameteam


Aplikacija ParkinsonCheck s pomojo vgrajene umetne inteligence louje parkinsonski in esencialni tremor od ostalih tremorjev. Namenjena...

November 18, 2013 By Gameteam

Potni Nalogi

iOS aplikacija za hitro in enostavno vnaanje potnih nalogov na portal

September 30, 2013 By Gameteam


Have you ever had a problem with integrating your Gmail contacts with Hotmail contacts? Have you ever had to retype data from one CRM...

August 15, 2013 By Gameteam