Flickster is a fun game that played by using you finger to flick discs at falling jewels. Blocks also fall into view and try to slow...

By EnvyGames | Added June 10, 2016


ZaBingo! is a 2-player game of icon-bingo for kids. Pictured tiles drop into the game and each player must quickly tap a matching empty...

By EnvyGames | Added June 10, 2016

Holy Bible Search

Search and learn words from the Holy Bible. Over 700 words with definitions and multiple levels. Each level has a limited amount of...

By EnvyGames | Added February 26, 2015


Tap help CaveDude collect food and avoid dangerous pits in this easy to play game.

By EnvyGames | Added September 22, 2014


Free Web Radio with multiple genres and stations from Pop and Rap to Country and Classical to Oldies and Talk. Save your favorite stations....

By EnvyGames | Added January 20, 2014


Fast, easy, and fun mobile video platform for viewing and sharing Facebook videos with your friends.

By EnvyGames | Added January 15, 2014


A QR code reader that keeps track of previous scans for handy reference.

By EnvyGames | Added September 9, 2012

Jewel Popper

A fun and easy jewel matching game with a Pirate theme for kids. Look for jewels that are connected by the same color and tap to eliminate...

By EnvyGames | Added April 8, 2012