Pinyin Trainer by trainchinese

Master the sounds of Mandarin Chinese with ease!No matter if you're a beginner or a long-time student of Chinese, its tonal nature...

November 7, 2013 By Molatra

Chinese Number Trainer by trainchinese

Learn to use and Chinese numbers and have a little fun doing it (lea en espaol ms abajo)! Translate numbers to and from Chinese, test...

October 20, 2013 By Molatra

Chinese Writer Free

Learn how to write thousands of Chinese characters - it's educational, entertaining and addictive!-- This free version lets you play...

November 27, 2012 By Molatra

Chinese Dictionary+Flashcards

Learn Chinese with thousands of words, examples, audio recordings and character animations - and customize your training completely....

November 22, 2011 By Molatra

Trainchinese Desktop

Trainchinese Desktop is a flexible and powerful tool to train Chinese reading, writing and listening skills. Connect to

April 19, 2010 By Molatra