My Dog Max Lite

My Dog Max is a your virtual barking family dog on your iPhone or iPad, he is loyal and is always happy to see you. Great for kids...

By sCPsOFT | Added May 4, 2014

Don't step on grey tile alphabet

Press the correct letter in the Alphabet and see how fast you can get all the correct letters.How to play:Play Easy and press the white...

By sCPsOFT | Added April 12, 2014

Robo Booth

Robo Booth makes you look like a robot!Change you face and make yourself look like a android.

By sCPsOFT | Added April 7, 2014

My Dog Max - Jet Pack

My Dog Max - the 2d Jetpack adventure for our favourite puppy.Max needs to collect loveable love hearts and its your job to help him!How...

By sCPsOFT | Added March 9, 2014

Ducks in Space

So you have flapped around and now you are in space!!!This anti gravity duck game will make your senses twirl, keep the bird from hitting...

By sCPsOFT | Added February 25, 2014

Skyscraper Duck - Flying Adventure

The ducks have all left poor quacky behind, he is trying to reach his friends but is stuck in the big city skyscrapers, help him through...

By sCPsOFT | Added February 19, 2014

Spot That Ball American FootBall

'Spot that ball brings the classic Spot The Ball to the iPhone. Its easy to do, simply choose your game level and spot that ball!....

By sCPsOFT | Added November 28, 2012

Road Rage Revenge Free

Have you ever been cut up at by the idiot in front and just want to vent your anger , well now you can with Road Rage. The app lets...

By sCPsOFT | Added August 25, 2010