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Punch Quest

Punch Quest is an arcade-style fighting game, entirely controlled by taps with your left and right thumbs. Jab, uppercut, slam, and...

October 9, 2017 By Rocketcat Games

Wayward Souls

Wayward Souls is an action-adventure game built for quick playthroughs and massive amounts of replay value. It was inspired by Spelunky,...

October 1, 2017 By Rocketcat Games

Death Road to Canada

Big new update, featuring a lot of new content. Includes new music, weapons, locations, characters, features, and more. You can also...

September 12, 2017 By Rocketcat Games

Mage Gauntlet

"Download Mage Gauntlet. The time you spent reading this review could've been much better spent playing this incredible game." --

June 10, 2016 By Rocketcat Games

Hook Champ LITE

Try Hook Champ, completely free!*******************5 out of 5 score on!4 out of 4 score on!Featured in the...

July 9, 2010 By Rocketcat Games

Super QuickHook

Conquer Eagle Mountain with the help of your trusty grappling hook. Swing and run your way through meadows, frost-tinged fields, ice...

June 18, 2010 By Rocketcat Games