Everyday Quotes

eQuotes for Android lets you get everyday piece of wisdom from famous people of all times. It is a good means to rethink your everyday...

October 10, 2011 By CodingAndroid


LangCards for Android lets you study foreign languages learning cool expressions and language patterns.

March 14, 2011 By CodingAndroid


Beetaun for Android is a unique social network application around geographical content for active, smart and curious people, who would...

November 17, 2010 By CodingAndroid


Cupoco for Android brings the best free coupons straight to your cellphone or computer. This way you stay informed about the latest...

November 17, 2010 By CodingAndroid


Cardroid for Android is a virtual wallet application that gives users the ability to digitally store their personal or sensitive cards...

November 17, 2010 By CodingAndroid