Spicy Pony Games

Critter Academy

Tower Defense meets RPG meets Deck Building Action with beautiful 3D art. Collect and train Critters. Battle in real time against friends...

By Spicy Pony Games | Added April 17, 2016

Chains of Darkness

You awake in an underworld filled with hellish dungeons, demonic enemies, and questionable allies. Your choice is simple: Fight for...

By Spicy Pony Games | Added May 29, 2015

Crazy Fairies

Multiplayer turn-based artillery game set in a twisted fairy tale universe. Connect with players across multiple web platforms and...

By Spicy Pony Games | Added October 25, 2013

Spicy Horse Art Gallery

This amazing app is used to show great arts from all Spicy Horse Projects

By Spicy Pony Games | Added February 26, 2012