Henry Chan

Pi Brain

How many digits of pi can you remember? Since pi is an irrational number, the digits never end or repeat. You will probably never have...

By Henry Chan | Added June 10, 2016

Calculator Brain for iPad

What's in your calculator memory? Using text descriptions for each memory register, you no longer have to wonder what a number represents....

By Henry Chan | Added January 26, 2013

Calc Brain

Store your most used register values with text descriptions. Organize values as groups in customized Tab Bars. Perform calculations...

By Henry Chan | Added November 19, 2012

10 Key Test

A simple ten key test with keys spaced the exact distance of a standard numeric keypad. Lessons allow training each finger.

By Henry Chan | Added November 11, 2012


iTint calculates a relative Visible Light Transmission (VLT) percentage of an transparent object. The most practical use is for automotive...

By Henry Chan | Added October 2, 2012

Target Shootout

You have 100 shots to shoot out the target. It's easy to shoot out, but can you do it with the least amount of shots to be the leader...

By Henry Chan | Added September 27, 2012

Rocket Brain

Rocket Brain allows you to view the insignias of some of the old U.S. manned space missions. You can also play a memory game with the...

By Henry Chan | Added January 31, 2010

multiTouch the Game

Do you think you have a fast finger? How about two fingers? Or even three or more. In this game, you will try to touch as many dots...

By Henry Chan | Added January 28, 2010

iTint Lite

iTint Lite allows you to test your ability to match the brightness of two different screens, simulating the use of the full iTint app....

By Henry Chan | Added January 19, 2010