Description"MagiCal2" is lengthwise-style calendar app to grasp events for month at a glance.It uses the events in the standard calendar...

By MagickWorX | Added December 25, 2018

Stampy day-to-day logging by stamp

"Stampy" is a logger to record day-to-day routine (for instance the exercise etc) by the "cat paw" stamp.You can make sure of the continuation...

By MagickWorX | Added May 3, 2016

Koyomi - Simple Three Month Calendar -

"Koyomi" is the calendar app to show three month at once.It also can show the annual calendar.You can change the year by the up/down...

By MagickWorX | Added April 29, 2016

Calc Very Simple Calculator

Calc is a simple calculator app.FeaturesFundamental rules of arithmetic operation.Memory function.Copy to buffer with the long press...

By MagickWorX | Added June 13, 2014

Pi Melody

"Pi Melody" app plays the melody of Pi,which number is a mathematical constant.This app supports one million figures for Pi.Let's enjoy...

By MagickWorX | Added March 13, 2014


SendPic works simply. But it is an useful application to send the picture with various methods. It can also give the interaction of...

By MagickWorX | Added November 2, 2012

Hard Vault

"Hard Vault" gives the safest data vault for your secret information such as passwords, bank account and so on. The stored data is...

By MagickWorX | Added August 30, 2012

Simplex Camera

Simplex CameraiPhone4/4S(iOS5) Twitter 7

By MagickWorX | Added March 26, 2012


GenTouKi is a kind of the photo frame application. It can manage pictures using folders. It can also make the relation between folders...

By MagickWorX | Added January 2, 2011