Tap Tempo - Free

A tool that generates click and bpm value by tapping a button.

By Develop | Added February 9, 2012

Band Practice for iPad

*Sale*Sale*Sale*Sale-------------------** One week sale ! **** MAY 12 - MAY 19 **** Just $2.99 !! **-------------------(original price...

By Develop | Added May 17, 2010

Click Track

Whether you are a musician or a dancer, If you are using a metronome, this Application is what you always wanted..Click Track allows...

By Develop | Added March 24, 2010

Third Piano Lesson

Lesson number three brings your playing to the next level ...After mastering lessons one & two, we now turn to more tunes, more chords...

By Develop | Added February 21, 2010

Second Piano Lesson

After mastering our first lesson, we are now starting to use both hands. While playing the melody with your right hand, you will learn...

By Develop | Added February 20, 2010

Mood Sampler

The Mood Sampler is a 15-button sampler, that allows you to trigger sounds of your choice. It is fun for story telling, making jokes...

By Develop | Added January 28, 2010

First Piano Lesson

Have you always wanted to play your piano but never knew where to start ?This application gives you your very first piano lesson. Learn...

By Develop | Added January 14, 2010